Patricia in front of the Ames Mansion Mandala created for the Blanche Ames National Juried Art show

The founder of GETIN2NATURE is Patricia (Patt) Gilmore, C.M.HT, an environmental artist, therapist, author, international speaker and passionate nature lover. She organizes events and guides adults through the entire FUN process. Programs are unique and inventive and they reunite people to the outdoor world. What could be better? There’s clean air, wondrous aromas, tactile stimulation, sunshine, making new friends and learning something new. What a fantastic way to get a nice healthy dose of vitamin “N”.

Ask yourself when was that last time you connected with nature? When was the last time that you played like you did as a child growing up? And when was the last time that you got together with new friends and invented “stuff”? Your childhood was the time of your life when your creative lights were fully ON. Your imagination was in high gear. You were a young genius! Well you know what? You still are a genius and you need to go outside and play. Eco and Enviro Art programs are just what you need!

Today’s stress levels are way too high. We may be connected through texting and electronics but that type of constant connection takes its toll. The media aims to scare us into attention so it is no wonder people are experiencing adrenal burnout and overload. People need a break. Human beings need balance. We need to get away from the over-stim and back to the outdoors. We need to breathe fresh air, to laugh, de-stress, reconnect and re-create within our natural surroundings. We need nature therapy.

Eco and Enviro Art Programs give people the opportunity to get into nature and to create in earth healthy ways. Nature Therapy Guided Programs help adults and youth tap into their creativity and connect to the planet by elevating their senses.