I created Get In2 Nature to get people away from their electronics and outside and to get them “in2” creative play mode again. When most adults see a chunk of a branch they think, “That’s a chunk of a branch, oh I wonder if the tree in the front of our house needs pruning, I wonder if I could borrow a ladder and do it myself, but I might break my neck. Maybe Doug can do it. No, I should call a tree service. Geez, that’s gonna cost me. The gutters need cleaning too. Are my insurance premiums paid? Crap it’s Peg’s birthday today. What am I going to give her? When does Walmart close? Where’s my cell?”
STOP! PLEASE. Breathe.
Now do it again slowly this time.
Now, look at that chunk of a branch with the eyes of an imaginative child. Now, what do you see? There are no right or wrong answers. If you saw something other than a chunk of a branch, then congratulations! There is still hope! Sign up for the next Driftwood Creatures Workshop. Comb the beach for more chunks of wood and create some art with your contemporaries. (Psst. I see a dragon’s head or maybe it’s Loch Ness Nessie. Tomorrow I might see something else.)
Ok, at this point you may be thinking that Patricia (Patt) is a little odd. You’re probably right but it is a good odd, really. It is a happy, fun type of odd. I chalk it up to being a “site-specific environmental artist.” That’s the official category I fit into. You can google it. In other words, I make art in nature, I shoot digital images and then I let the wind take the art piece away. I leave no permanent adverse impact on the environment. What I do is leave an impact on people. I get adults re-connected to nature so that they can lead the next generation “in2” loving it too. People don’t care about things they are not connected to and the statistics on how little time people, adults, and children spend outside is mind-blowing. Check out the article links on the “Nature Deficit Disorder” (NDD) page. The situation is truly sad and it is frightening.
But there is more. I am not solely an artist. I am also a therapist (body and mind). You can check out my credentials and therapies, videos, blog and more at my speaker’s website BEBEST.COM. My clients have way too much stress in their lives. They also don’t have enough outdoor playtime. If they did I think they would feel a heck of a lot better. Stress-related illnesses are real and taking pills and potions is not the cure. De-stressing is essential. Get In2 is a wellness tool. Use it.
I have practiced and taught on three different continents. My job is to get people feeling better and to teach them ways to do it. Get In2 Nature is a WICKED COOL FUN WAY.
Get In2 Nature and get into the FUN!